SILVIA: XR4, Double Projectors, OEM PLUS

After purchasing the Longchamps, they were in a fairly bad condition. Rusted nuts and bolts beyond repair, anodise was faded, paint flaking and there were a few rashes on the lips.
I had taken off what I could with a spanner and socket without having to get the drill bit out.
I did a test spray on one of the centre caps in matt black, but didn't like the outcome of it, so it will be stripped and repainted.
Above photos are the original listing images.

I had finally acquired the last piece to the aero puzzle, original OEM plastic with added extras. The front lip was looking a little worse for wear, although it wasn't too far gone and all fixable. I was just glad I found one, being local was a plus too.
I was never really a fan of the triple projectors on the S13. Unfortunately that is what the Silva came with when I purchased it. My goal was to steer away from what was "in" at the time, and that was bricks. They were fetching for what I believed then was a high price, so my only other option was the double projectors. Aytac the legend found a pair listed for sale, but they were in Melbourne. They were fairly cheap, so I went and purchased it. He had brought them back for me from Melbourne as he was in the state at the time, which saved me from having to pay for shipping. A true blue Aussie legend!

The low beam bulbs on the double projectors are different to the triple. The triple projectors' low beams are a H1 bulb, whereas the double projectors' low beams are a H3C bulb, the same as the fog lights. High beams still remain the same, a H3 bulb.
The front lip was just a test fit, and what else is there to say? OEM quality. Double projecters were also installed. 

It was quite easy to change over the headlights, very straight forward. You need to take the grille off and if you're lucky enough, there are still the OEM clips for them. It's a bit confusing if it's your first time doing it, but after a while you get used to it. After that's done, the parkers/indicators need to come off, just a simple removal of the screw holding it onto the headlight. Next, there are two nuts holding the headlight to the front guards, 10mm if I recall and another two bolts mating the headlights to the headlight support brackets, they are also 10mm. After the nuts and bolts are removed, you can go ahead and remove the headlights. The wiring plugs are a direct fit into the double projectors.
If you have a closer look, you can see where the front lip has been drilled into for some cable ties, for that drift missile spec look *vomits*; some of them did serve it's purpose though. There were one or two cracks in the lip.
With the double projectors and front lip on, I was getting closer to achieving my aesthetic goal for the Silvia. Finding the last piece of aero was a very joyful moment. They are hard to source and don't come up often on YAJ, the aero bars are much easier to find than these. Either these weren't so massly produced as the aero bar or the people that had them, knew what they were and had held onto them.

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