Driftmob Skidpan 23rd June 2012

Long time no post! Well unfortunately I haven't been out shooting lately as I've sold my camera & I've been awaiting for my new one to arrive. Although I was able to borrow a camera off a friend of mine.

Just recently there was a Driftmob event on that I attended. I haven't been to one of these drifting events in a while, so I thought what the hell, I might aswell. And also being a day event made me want to go even more, photos would turn out so much more better than they do when there's an event during the night at Eastern Creek (the lighting there is rather horrid at night).

So I set aside the day to go to Eastern Creek Raceway with my cousin so he could get some practice as he just started getting into photography recently, also so I could brush up on my skills with panning as I haven't been shooting for a while, and of course to watch some skids!

Upon arrival I spotted a mate of mine, Oliver's S15 with a few little changes to his car since the last time I saw it, he has added a factory aero S15 GT wing with the middle triangle delete, some roof racks and also has made it a tad bit lower than it was before.
Another car that caught my eye was this Panda AE86, simple yet it looks so good. I love a good looking old school car & those Work Equip 01s work so well.
Also spotted this clean BNR32 sitting on some TE37SLs. These wheels are getting more and more common, but as much I as see them, with the right height of the car, they look so good!
Usually at these Driftmob events there are alot of competitors, and since there was only one track running there was a long wait before you were able to get on the track and start drifting. Also, I think it's safe to day, about 95% of the cars were Nissans, yeahboy! (I'm a Nissan fanboy)
Here's Pistol Pete's RB26 Nür powered RPS13 of the Hit and Run Drift Club. And what can I say, this thing is mental, the way it looks, the way it sounds and also the way he drifts it. Expect to see more pictures of this car in future posts.
Seeing as drifts were on the skidpan, most of the cars were covered with specks of dirt. Here's a PS13 sun baking while awaiting for it's turn on the skidpan.
Usually spectators were allowed to park on the peanut since there's only one track running, but on this day there were also V8 Supercars out on the big track. Here's a shot a grab of one of them throughout the day.

Well that's the end of my post, I'll be posting more photos via my Tumblr. I should be heading out to Eastern Creek on the 7th for a Driving Sports event, so if ya'll free, come down!

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