So, it was that time of the year/month again, THE-LOWDOWN was hosting another event of theirs called Showcased & JDMST was having their EOMM (End Of Month Meet). The event was hosted at The Entertainment Quater (Fox Studios) where they had two levels booked out, the top level was for the cars that were entered for Showcased & the level below was for the EOMM.
We were blessed with beautiful weather that day, the sun was out pretty much the whole time until later on in the afternoon when we started to see a bit of overcast. In saying that though, it wasn't too cold nor too hot, just perfect.
So far THE-LOWDOWN has hosted three events upon the time that they have been running. Last year I remember seeing two to three cars that traveled interstate to become apart of the meet, two from Queensland (Dan & John which are friends of mine) & another car which had Victorian plates on it. This year there were quite a few interstate cars from again Queensland & Victoria, I also saw a car with South Australian plates. Just goes to show how big THE-LOWDOWN is evolving with people traveling interstate just to come to the meet. Above is an Audi A4 I spotted at the meet which came from Victoria, this particular car was apart of the STANCE | WORKS group that traveled together from Victoria for the meet.
There were all different types of cars that were showcased throughout the meet ranging from track dedicated cars to street driven cars to show ponies. Here's a shot of Gorilla's (Shane) JZA80 rocking TE37's. Although this car is mostly seen on the track, Shane still has the car street registered. I'm surprised he hasn't been defected yet.
At an event like this, I can guarantee you that you'd see over at least 10 cameras out, from people taking photos or video recording. Here's a shot I grabbed of Andrew from Motive DVD doing an interview with Jason Naidoo the owner of a track dedicated EVO which was showcased in the event.
Xtreme Motorsports being a major sponsor for this event, also meant they got to display some cars, one of which was this S-Tune, yes you read right, S-Tune BNR34. From what I've read, Nismo released two models before the Z-Tune was released, the S-Tune & R-Tune. So this freshly imported S-Tune was displayed at Showcased.
 Nickkie D, Lyla D & Jeri Lee made special guest appearances at the Zen Garage Booth. It was weird because Jeri Lee, an internationally known model at a carshow? How did I not know about this? I guess that's what I get for deactivating my Facebook.
Another car Xtreme Motorsports had displayed was this KGC10 Hakosuka. And let me tell you, these cars don't come cheap. They go for around the same price that the BNR34's go for these days. Oh how I would love to own one of these, old yet awesome!
Here's one of the Tith Brothers hard at working. What can I say? Their videos are just awesome, click the link for some awesome video work done by them.
The amount of quality cars at the event was just spectacular. Of one which was Hendra's widebodied "Bug Eye" WRX which was rocking a new paintjob. Here's a previous feature THE-LOWDOWN did of it.
Justin Fox' BNR32 rocking a pair of Bride seats, they look pretty comfy, I felt like sitting in them.
It was about 5:00PM & the meet was coming closer & closer to an end. The sun was on it's way down & darkness started creeping up on us. Awards were ready to be handed out, although I didn't get the chance to grab some shots as I forgot to bring my flash & the 7D handles horrible under low light with high ISO's compared to my old 5DII.
As the awards were being pronounced & handed out, I decided to make one more lap around the event & grab a few more pictures. Here's Chookie's GS300 with his newly acquired wheels. We have been kept in the dark about the new wheels that he purchased so he could make his debut in Showcased. And wow, that ride height & his newly acquired VIP Modular VSX-210's really set off the car.
 And of course, one of my favourite cars throughout the day, Steve's Z-Tune kitted BNR34. I was actually trying to look for him all day to get his number & organise a shoot, but now I'm not so sure he owns it anymore since it was up for sale before.
There was probably about half an hour or so before the meet ended & I saw a whole load of people crowded around Michael Zomaya's EVO IX. As I getting closer & closer, I saw the girls were up for some photos again! The awesome part was, while I was taking photos, Jeri Lee pointed at me & asked if she could have a photo with me. Luckily Adam from THE-LOWDOWN crew was beside me, so I asked him to take a photo of the girls & I for me. From left to right, Nickkie D, Lyla D, myself & Jeri Lee. As I was about to leave, Jeri told me that I looked like her ex-boyfriend, LOL. I must say, what an awesome way to end the meet, I would have been too shy to ask them to take a picture with me.
Here's a shot I found on JDMST taken by Aleks Brajic (Flickr/Facebook Page) of myself hard at work. Make sure you like his page or visit his Flickr!

So that concludes my post. Overall the event was just awesome! Can't wait for them to hold their next meet. Until next time. More pictures will be posted here.

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