WTAC 2012

Engines roaring, tires screeching, exhausts popping, the sound of heaven for some people. Following up on my previous post for the WTAC 2012 Practice Day, this was the last day that official times were being set. Forgetting to apply for the Media Pass this year, I decided to only go on the Saturday, which was still good to say the least.

With the camera gear packed, lunch packed, extra clothing packed, I head out to Eastern Creek Raceway just a bit after 1:00PM. The weather was looking quite dull with the sun just peeping through the clouds, we were luckily enough it didn't rain.

As I started walking toward where the pits where, I noticed someone that was taking a photo of me...? And luckily enough it was Steven Le who was shooting for 7Tune for the event. We ended up meeting up with a few other friends & not long after I met up with Fonzy. While most of them went to go get a bite to eat, Fonzy & I decided to have a quick flick around & check everything out.
It wasn't long after, I spotted Nigel's RPS13. Nigel's 180 is probably one of my most favourite drift cars here in Australia.
After having a glimpse at the drift cars, Fonz & I headed to the Show 'n' Shine. I must say, there were quite a lot of cars this year compared to last year & the year previous to that. Here's a Porsche GT3 that was put on show.
Another car that had caught my eye was this BNR34 owned by Top Secret Imports.
Simplicity is the key. This HR31 sitting on a set of BBS wheels was the perfect combo.
 I was surprised how clean this S13 was, as there aren't many clean ones around anymore.
And of course, Sergio's car entered the Show 'n' Shine also.
Old school never dies! I'm a sucker for old school cars.
This VW Beetle was something different.
After making our way through the isles of show cars, we headed back to where the stalls were & had a quick look around. The ETS Hilux was on display, it was great to see it in person after following his website about the build.
Not long after, Fonz & I decided to head back track side where turn 12 was. There was about an hour or so to go before the last lap of the Pro Class was finished & trophies were being ready to be handed out.
Mark Berry in the Hi Octane Racing R32 coming 6th overall in the Open Class group.
It's great to see more & more girls out at these events, it's not just a guys sport.
It was getting more & more chilly as the time went by. Almost everyone I saw had their hoodie on & a saw one couple who became prepared & brought a blanket with them!
Watching on as the cars goes by.
The Pro Class ended up coming back on, here's the Top Fuel S2000 coming 5th overall in the Pro Class with a time of 1:29.0520.
 Pulse Racing with a few new changes since the last time I saw it.
Mark Berry was also driving the Advan/Hi Octane Racing R34.
There is a lot of speculations going around about the Nemo Racing EVO & what's done to it. They ended up clocking a time of 1:25.0200 which is 3 seconds faster than last year!
Scorch Racing coming 4th overall in the Pro Class.
Just Jap/ATTKD Select GTR.
I finally got to see the RE-Amemiya RX7 on the track & what a site it was!
So awesome! I hope they come back next year aswell.
PanSpeed RX8 sounded so awesome with it's NA 20B.
Getting the track cleaned for the drifts.
It wasn't long after that we were greeted with a lovely sunset while the trophies were being handed out.
And once the trophies were all handed out, the drifting started! GO TEAM ORANGE!
I'm abit lazy to type now, so I'll just dump a few more drifting photos. Awesome lighting by the way Eastern Creek! (sarcasm intended).
Naoto Suenaga ended taking the crown this year which was pretty awesome. Hoping to see more Japanese drifters next year.

We shall meet again next year WTAC, hopefully with a media pass. Sayonara.

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