WTAC 2012 Practice Day

It's that time of the year again, Word Time Attack Challenge. For those who don't know what WTAC is, it's an event where drivers/teams from all over the world come together to compete for the best lap time on Sydney's own Eastern Creek Raceway. Japan's Eiji Yamada (also known as Tarzan) currently holds the record for WTAC with a time of 1:28.8510.

Every year they would have the Thursday (Practice Day) for the drivers to get use to the track just before the event starts.
The RE-Amemiya RX7 currently being worked on in preparation for tomorrow.
Levi Clarke's Soarer was on display with many other drift cars. Cannot wait to watch the drifting!
Simon Michelmore's S14 which is also competing in the Tectaloy Drift Challenge.
There are quite a few Japanese drivers/teams competing this year, one of which is this Panspeed RX8. Last year they brought their RX7 & now this year it's the RX8's time to shine.
The Scorch Racing S15 also putting in some hot laps on the track, another team also from Japan.
Tarzan spectating.
It looked like Panspeed may have encountered some problems with their RX8 as I saw it getting towed back from the track.
Rob Whyte's 350Z upon just chillin'.
A departing shot with Mad Mike's RX8 also know as the BADBUL. So many awesome cars this year, stay tuned for more WTAC pictures within the coming days.

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