Hit and Run Drift Club Drift Practice Day 5th February 2013

Hit and Run Drift Club - A "Sydney drift crew. Bunch of mates rollin' together, lookin' for a good times & some mamas". A quote taken from their Facebook page pretty much says it all, friends having a passion for cars & drifting, just trying to enjoy life as it goes (that mama part I'm not too sure of, haha).

As the years went by, they have been getting more & more exposure, now they are known worldwide with photographs of their cars being posted all over social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, various forums & probably many other sites.

Yesterday, Hit and Run Drift Club had what was supposed to be a private track day, ending being a drift practice day which was open to anyone that wanted to attend. This is their second track day that I've been to, which of course was held at Wakefield Park Raceway.

The night before, I checked my phone to see the weather forecast at Wakefield. It predicted that there was going to be scattered showered throughout the morning 'til the afternoon. I woke up around 6:30AM the next morning & was hoping for the best & what do you know, blue skies with a few clouds in the sky, perfect! Got ready, packed my car with what I needed & made my two hour drive to Wakefield.

As soon as I got there, people were prepping their cars & waiting in line for their first run, got there just in time!
Ben's Onevia sitting a few centimetres off the ground with an aggressive set of Work Emotion CR Kai's.
Onlooking spectator enjoying tires screeching, rubber burn & engines revving.
Awaiting in line for their run.
Brett's spare Wed Kranze LXZ.
This Corolla sitting on a set of MKII's sounded epicly awesome!
It wasn't long before Brett had to come back into the pits as their were problems arising with his car.

After staying on the side line for a while, there was a little delay, so it was my chance to head out into the track to get some better snaps. While I was out inside the track, I was greeted by Scott Mitchell, Matt Mead, Sam, Seb & Kory.
I must say, I'm glad that chance came, the shots I got were awesome!
This particular S13 was running a naturally aspirated SR20. Sitting on a set of 15" MKI's. I like it, I like it a lot.
Beau's LS6 powered S13 getting some pretty awesome angle.
Shane dirt dropping! Awesome for pictures, but as soon as it hits the wind, game over for us. After staying inside the track for a while, we headed back into the pit lane where we stayed for a while for some snaps.
Jack's 180 looking at home on the track.
Thumbs up from the passenger.
It might've been the run after this one where Beau almost had a run in with Sam, so lucky!
Unfortunately Pete's S15 couldn't make the day, so he brought his R32 instead & I must say, this man can drive!
Ben waiting to head out for another session.
A few hours had passed, it was time for a lunch break. Time for everyone to grab a feed, let their cars cool down, put petrol & fix/change anything that needed attention.
Nothing that a hammer can't fix!
Shane's S13 rocking custom headlights.
Beau cockpit looking far from an original S13 cockpit.
Beau's S13 also rocking custom twin side pipes, epic!
Pete's R32 with a screamer pipe through the hood?!
Brett's 180 tucking rim, boss!
Here's a clean example of a Datsun 1200 Coupe, which is owned by my friend Sam who also runs STREETFANS. More pictures & desktops on the day can be found there.

I didn't get many photos after the lunch break as I was riding passenger. Big ups to Jack & Brett for taking me on a ride, it was AWESOME & that is just an understatement. Hopefully the next track day I'll be able to go in more cars, it was so fun! Also, congrats on finishing your degree at Uni Jack, forgot to say it to you on the day. Props for missing your graduation for this track day also, haha.

All in all, it was a good day, weather was awesome, cars were awesome, people were awesome, everything was awesome! Also, Brett caught up to me on the way back home, wish I could have got some rolling shots, would have been too dangerous as I was driving though. Looking forward to the next track day guys, expect me to be there!

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