If you're into the drifting scene here in Sydney, you all should know this car!

It would have been around 2009 when I started getting more & more involved with online car forums. I remember seeing a build thread for Brett's previous car, which was a BN kitted Kouki S14, white in colour, sitting on a set of aggressive Weds Kranze LXZ.

Anyway, under bad circumstances, Brett had to reshell & his S14, again had a BN kit sitting on Weds Kranze LXZ, but this time it was a dark purple-ish colour. Wanting more power, torque & reliability, Brett dropped in a 6L L98 which is originally from a Holden VE SS.

After seeing the car a couple of times, I've always wanted to shoot it, just some one on one time with the car with a nice backdrop. In the end, I never got the chance to shoot his S14. It wasn't long before Brett & Pistol Pete traded cars, so now Brett has an RPS13.

At the recent Hit and Run Drift Club Track Day, I finally got the chance to do a shoot with his car. And I thought it'll be nice to have some wallpaper sized images for you guys to save for a new desktop (or to print, or fap to, whichever floats your boat).

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