SMSP Drift Private Practice Day 20th March 2013

I've been itching to get out to Sydney Motorsport Park once again for another drift event ever since the last one they've hosted. Such a well organised event with a great atmosphere & of course, good people to go with it. Recently, ARDC hosted another drift private practice day, the event I was waiting for. So of course, I contacted Sam again to get media accreditation.

It was a three hour event which started from 5:15PM or 8:15PM. I arrived just a bit before 5:00PM to Sydney Motorsport Park to get some snaps of people setting up their cars. With the sun trying to break through the clouds & a cool breeze in the air, it was just perfect weather for the event.
Upon arrival, there were cars that have already been offloaded & people setting up.
These two cars owned by the Warren brothers rocking their new Big Country Labs wings. Looked right at home on their cars.
Do you guys remember that RB26 180sx previously owned by Pistol Pete? Well this is what he has now, making it's first debut at the Drift Private Practice Day.
 And of course, other Hit and Run cars were out as well, such as Juzzo's S14.
Many cars were out at this event, more than the last drift day that was held. This particular S13 wasn't rocking your common SR engine, it had a...
1JZ under it's hood! Sounded pretty beastly out on the track.
Most of the cars that were out in the evening, although some later comers did join in on the fun on the track as time went by.
CR01's look pretty boss on a R31.
Tools & spares are always essential when it comes to drifting or any track day for that matter. You'll never know what could go wrong.
It wasn't long until the drivers had their briefing.
After the briefing, it was go time! Everyone awaiting in the pits to jump out on the track.
 With the sun trying to fight it's way through the clouds, the drifting begun! Tire smoke, limiter bashing, engines revving, I was in heaven.
If you've been following my blog, this S13 might look familiar. Aero ♥
 TEAM PARTY CAT! Props to this fella drifting with an NA engine whilst most cars were turboed or high powered V8s.
The ripple strip happened. Luckily he had a spare pair of wheels, so it wasn't long before he was back on the track.
Pistol Pete was still getting used to the car as it was his first proper time with the S15 on the track. And all I can say is, he delivered!
The first casualty of the water barriers, but that didn't stop him from drifting!
 I vaguely remember the last time I saw this car out, but I think it was at the end of 2011. So it has been quite some time since I've seen Wernz's car out drifting. But yes, it was good to see his car again, with some certain changes.
Juzzo as per usual, very consistent with his drifts. Awesome watching the car slide, I still can't believe this car was once street registered how it looks now.
The sun was making it's way down the horizon much quicker than I expected. I guess that would be due to daylight saving which is almost over.
Twin turboed 350Z at it again.
R32, ute, drifting. Yes, that's what you're looking at right now.
The second casualty to the water barrier, Pistol Pete. I remember seeing on Facebook that his brother was saying "Last time it'll look this good", I hate to say it, but he was right.
 That didn't stop Pete though, he soldiered on & kept on drifting right after.
Some cool guy.
Whenever these events are on, I'd always inform my cousin just incase he doesn't know about it. That way he get out & practice more this his camera. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.
Josh seemed to have a bit of an issue with his car throughout the event as he wasn't pushing his car as he usually would.
Tandem runs, my favourite! That being said, the event was coming closer & closer to an end as they would usually allow tandem runs closer to the end of the event.
After a few little repairs, Pete was out once again.
More tandems with the S13 taking the lead.
With the awesome drifting from everyone, there's bound to be a few mistakes that come with it.
This little underpowered Corolla was getting better & better each time it was out of the track, eventually linking all of the corners by the end of the event.
Street registered drift cars are getting less & less common. With the laws getting more & more strict, it isn't really worth it having it registered as you'll be spending a whole lot of money on defect fines.
Honestly, how awesome does that wing look on his car?!
Looking straight at my camera, because looking where you're going is too mainstream, haha.
It wasn't long before the sun was almost non existent. So I tried to snap as many pictures as I could, but also enjoy the drifting while I was doing so.
Other media attendees that were there, one of which, Scott Mitchell! Some of you may have seen his videos floating around.
These two guys were at it again, putting on a show for all the spectators.
First time I've seen this car drifting. It was awesome! That 2JZ was a monster!
At this point, the sun was non existent, the event was almost over.
The last run of the event. Another Drift Private Practice Day done & dusted.

Thank you ARDC for hosting another well organised event. Next on the list is the Drifting Championship Round 1! Expect to see a post from me when that event is over.

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