SMSP Drift Private Practice Day 27th Feburary 2013

Eastern Creek Raceway, which is now called Sydney Motorsport Park hosted a drift private practice day. I believe this would have been their second drift event that they've hosted on the newly paved South Circuit, the first one I missed out on as I was overseas at the time. I can honestly say, I didn't know about this event until a friend of mine, Dave (Spools as someone people may know him) texted me & asked if I was going... Not having Facebook anymore is kind of hard to keep up with these events as the forums that I've signed up to, events like these are rarely posted anymore.

Anyway, I had a look on their website to see who I can contact to get media accreditation for the event. So I called their reception phone number & was forwarded to Sam, who was one of the organisers for the event. Had a quick chat with her, answered all the questions that I wanted to know & then sent me an application form to fill out to give to her once I arrived.

It was around 4:30PM when I left the house to pick up Dave, wasn't long after we made our way to Sydney Motorsport Park. Upon arrival I headed to the reception office to see Sam to give her my form, quick & easy. She also told me where I could stand & where I couldn't at the track, explaining safety & all that jazz.

After everything was done in the reception office, I had a quick look around & saw this S14. At first, I didn't know who owned it, but as I got closer & saw the sticker on the rear quarter window, I was amazed how much this car has changed exterior wise. The last time I remember seeing this car was from one of the Hit and Run Private Trackdays in 2011. Here's what it looked like before.
Shane, whom I met at the most recent Hit and Run Drift Practice Day was also out for a slide.
Ryan is the owner of this JZX90 Mark II. Also a car that I haven't seen since the Hit and Run Private Trackday in 2011.
If you guys have been following Mighty Car Mods on Youtube, this car would look familiar. I would assume this is their first drift day with their 180sx. Should have footage in their next episode on the 180.
Both of these Skylines were doing very well during the evening.
When I saw this S13 setting up before it jumped on the track, I was quite jealous. Optional aero front bar, rear pods. One day Steven, one day.
3 2 6  P O W E R!
This S15 was delivering throughout the event! It was so awesome to watch this guy drift.
One very clean looking Levin Coupe.
This twin turboed 350Z was putting on a show for all the spectators/photographers/videographers throughout the evening.
 Nissans dominating the drifting events here at Sydney Motorsport Park as per usual. First I've seen a Silvia S12 out drifting also.
Dan, the owner of this AE71, who is also running JDM Wheels, an online store selling various car parts. If you guys ever need something from Japan, shoot him an e-mail!
After this photo, I headed back to the pits to see what was going on & to grab a few snaps there.
Josh Warren, who had recently come back from Winton Matsuri made the trip down to drift his car.
 Awaiting in line for their next run.
Ryan seemed to be having a few problems arising with the car. I was wondering why I didn't see him out on the track for a while. Luckily he fixed what was wrong with it & was back on the track in no time.
It wasn't long before the sun started to get lower & lower as time went by. That means, no light, which means grainy pictures & the drivers had less & less time left on the track.
After staying at the pits for a while, I decided to head back track side! And finally, tandem runs!
Dan did very well for his first time on the big track. It was actually the first I have met him.
Josh's new anti-lag setup, it's like music to your ears, sounds so awesome!
If only they had these tandem runs earlier.
Yep, they got pretty close to each other. Pretty scary, but they put on a good show a couple of times.
It wasn't long before we started to see darkness. It was getting harder & harder to take photos, also harder for the drivers to see. After this shot, I decided to pack up my gear & just enjoy the rest of the night. Watching a few runs before the event was over.
It was about 8:00PM when the event finished. It got way to dark for the drivers to see as some of them didn't have headlights wired up. Spectators started leaving one by one, drivers all packed up ready to go home.

Overall I think it was a good event, well organised, looked like the drivers had heaps over track time considering it was only 3 hours. Looking forward to your next drift event ARDC. Word has it they working on getting some lights up for the night events. Hopefully they'll allow passenger rides also.

That's all for now, sayonara & thanks for reading/having a look.


  1. Love your work mate, really consistently clear photos. Will keep an eye out for your blog in future. :)

  2. Thanks Lachlan! Feels good to see my photos go un noticed.