SMSP Drift Day 28th September 2013 Part 1

It had been a few month since I've been to a drift day at South Circuit, 6 months ago to be exact. One had finally come up again & Drift Mob was hosting it. At first I was still contemplating if I should go or not due to not having a long enough lens to reach most of the action. Although, my friend Michael was kind enough to lend me his lens after being asked one day prior to the event. That pretty much made up my mind & I was set on going.
For those people that don't know me, I'm not a morning person & hate waking up early. The flyer stated that the event was from 7:00AM to 5:30PM which meant an early night prior to the event for an early wake up the next day. I ended up waking up at 8:00AM the next morning, got ready & made my way to Michael's friend's place to pick up the lens. After picking up the lens, I then made my way to SMSP (Sydney Motorsport Park).

Upon arrival at SMSP, I went to fill out a form for media accreditation & made my way to the pits.
The first car that caught my eye, Harry's DR30 Skyline, such a good looking car!
Before any cars were allowed out on the track, this had to happen. Cars had to be scrutineered to make sure it was safe for the track. Not long after, track activities started to happen & that's where I migrated to, track side.
Dirt drop, waddup.
This Holden VK was absolutely smokin' it up on the track. Not all the drift cars were of Japanese make for a change.
One thing I love about drifting are the tandem runs & these two were delivering.
With the drift scene here in Sydney, ninety percent of the cars you'd see would be Nissans, although, lately there has been other makes such as Toyotas, Mazdas, Australian made cars, even BMWs!
Cameron's what used to be a SR S13, is now LS swapped.
Apparently there were three group on the day, two groups which consisted of people already having licenses for the South Circuit & one group being tested for licenses. This was one of the cars being tested.
Another car being tested was this purple S13, which was absolutely killin' it, linking all of the corners with minimal mistakes.
After staying trackside for a while, I decided to head back to pits to get some more snaps & have a little rest.
Walking around & I see a familiar car drive in towards the pits. It turned out to be Joey, someone I haven't seen for a while, his car was also looking a bit different from the first time I saw it.
The first victim of the day to the water barriers was this Skyline, ripping off it's rear bar.
To my surprise, Harry's DR30 had an RB26 (ended up being a 26/30, even better!) under it's hood, not like your typical DR30.
Awaiting for the marshal to give the A OK to jump out on the track.
"You're not taking pictures of that shitbox are you?" The owner of this MX83 kindly introduced himself to me on the day who also shoots as Triple6pix.
Ending Part 1 with this S13, a regular to the South Circuit.

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