SMSP Drift Day 28th September 2013 Part 2

So continuing on the day with Part 2.
It was about 12:00PM at this point, time for people to have a lunch break & check over their cars just to see if everything is swell.
S13 sitting on a set of pink Viennas, not a bad choice for wheel colour, suits quite well I must say.
 BN ♥.
With summer approaching around the corner, Sydney has been getting quite humid lately. There were people in the pits setting up gazebos just to get a little bit of shade.
More people being test for the South Circuit licenses.
There was another event besides drifting that day & it was the EVO vs WRX Face Off. Here's the Dahtone crew making their way there.
With the lunch break over, it was time for the cars to head back out.
MARVEL Drifters, a Newcastle based drift group which consist of 12 people. Here are two of them.
Delays, delays. Drivers patiently & also impatiently waiting for their turn on the track.
"Camo, you're in the top 8" or something along the lines.
Finally they cleaned up the track (apparently there was oil all over it...), nekminit, this dude gets beached. Poor guy, was pretty funny watching him trying to get out of it though.
Apparently there was a little comp on since there were quite a few tandem runs this time. I forgot who won though.
At the start of the day, all the water barriers were up, but half the day goes by & they're all knocked over.
After staying track side for a while (again), I headed back to the pits (yes, I made a lot of runs back & forth). Longchamps ♥.
 Enough spare wheels & tires for the day? I think so. Pistol Pete & Camo running the same wheels on their cars.
With Jack's 180 out of action at the moment, he bought this FC to drift until the 180 gets finished.
Pete having issues with his S15, here he is under the car trying to solve the issues.
I just can't get over this car, so awesome.
Strawberry face!
This JZA80 sounded pretty sick, this must've been the second time I've seen it out on the South Circuit.
Back track side I went (for the last time of the day).
Reverse entry?
Drift Mob tandems.
Onlookers watching the drifts at the "hill" (that's what I call it). I guess South Circuit has it's pros to North Circuit which is no more for drifters.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay 'til the very end due to other commitments, but all in all, it was a good day, good event, can't really complain except... MORE DAY EVENTS PLEASE! Hope you guys enjoy the photos & the read (if any of you guys even had a read, haha).

Until next time, cheerio.

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