Hit and Run Drift Club Glory Days 25th March 2014

What is Glory Days? It's an event hosted by the Hit and Run Drift Club consisting of awesome, awesome & a whole lot more of awesomes. The event was held at Wakefield Park Raceway, usually around a two hour drive from Sydney. After missing the previous event they had held, I told myself that I'd make sure I didn't miss the next one. So a few months passed & it was that time again, ANOTHER GLORY DAYS was a go ahead! Since the weather wasn't looking too great a couple of days before the event was supposed to run, I had to confirm with Jack if it was still on whether it'll be raining. And yes, rain, hail or shine, it would still go through.

So, just a day before the event, excitement started to build up, until I woke up that is. Driving on the way to work, there was heavy rain & flash floodings in parts of Sydney which wasn't looking to good for photo taking the next day. Hoping that it'll go away the next day was a slim chance as it was raining throughout the night. So they day of the event, it was a 5:30AM wake up & the sky was looking relatively clear! My hopes were up, maybe the weather gods will be good to us today, I thought to myself. After loading all my gear into the car, my friend & I made the trek to Wakefield!

About an hour or so out of Sydney, we noticed the sky being very overcast & grey. We stopped by Maccas for a quick breakfast, I called in sick for work (haha) & continued the way to Wakefield. That's when we started to get hit with some rain drops, but it wasn't heavy luckily. It wasn't long after that we had arrived at our destination, signed a form for media accreditation & made our way out into the track.
It seemed that track activity had already started once we got there, so I got stuck into it as soon as possible.
The weather was still horrible to shoot with, but bearable. It also meant spectating from turn one quite enjoyable to watch.
I think this would have been the first time I've seen Scotty out of the track driving instead of filming.
This certain 31 was doing 360 drifts through turn one, very entertaining to watch.
Third Strike Drifters
Turn one was pretty deadly from the opening of track activities, although, the drifters eventually got the hang of it
Wernz putting out some good laps from what I saw.
Not every car had a whole lot of power, such as Jordain's AE86, yet he was still delivering what we wanted to see.
Some were unlucky through turn one, although, this certain R32 did have some solid laps later on during the day.
PhillB the owner of Fitment Solutions having at crack at it.
Spicy, a bit unfortunate how his ended up towards the end of the day, but I'm sure he'll be back.
NA power! Justin's PS13.
A sequence of Josh going through turn one. I thought he would have saved the bar in the third picture, but he ended up breaking it trying to get back onto the track.
Nathan, staring right into my soul!
Luckily the rain ended up dying through, perfect weather to shoot in.
Some cars were a bit unfortunate landing into some puddles.
So good to see this on the track after it's fresh paint job from FAT57 Customs since I missed out on Halfway Hangs.
Reverse entries? Not even.
Hey bud, you're going the wrong way...
... And your bar fell off.
It has been years since I've seen this car out, Billy's RB25 Sileighty. If I recall, it was Hit and Run's first ever private track day in 2011.
Yep, Ben's car looks way to awesome drifting.
Old school of awesome.
Scotty, the camera man behind the majority of videos of HnR & also the driver behind this R31 wagon.
Jack's car making it's comeback this year, now 1J powered & looking more pretty than ever. Keen for passenger rides next time!
Being a bit more careful this time trying not to smash things up.
Here's where it started to get a bit more interesting, tandem runs! Spicy + Wernz.
Then there was Josh + Harry & Joey.
"Harry's a mad man! All up in my grill in the wet..."
It was pretty awesome watching these two run together.
Watching the passengers' reactions once the drivers went off the track into the mud was priceless, haha.
If only Harry was in this photo also.
Mmmm, 15's on an S13, my kind of style.
That was pretty much the end of the first session before lunch break.
Unfortunately I was only able to stay for the first session before lunch break & not the second session with the big track. But it was still well worth it & very enjoyable to watch & photograph. Definitely keen for the next one, thank you Hit and Run Drift Club & everyone else that attended. PS, sorry in advance if there aren't any pictures of your car in this post, I do have more, but will be posting the rest on my tumblr once I'm a bit more bothered.

Until next time, cheerio.

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