WTAC 2013

World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) is an event where drivers from all over the world gather into one place to compete for the fastest lap time. The event is held at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek which consist of two fun packed days of racing. Surely this is one of the biggest events that Sydney Motorsport Park has held.

Nemo Racing holding the fastest lap record of 1:25.0200 in 2012 would be a hard time to beat considering the record for 2011 was 1:28.8510 which was done by Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada with the Cyber EVO, a whole three seconds faster. It makes you think, who would have the fastest lap time this year. Will Nemo Racing defend their title as number one or will someone else take their title?

Before the event had begun, there was a practice day a previous day before it. That way, drivers & their pit crew would be familiar with their surroundings & would know what to expect.
 Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend throughout the day, but I was able to get the last few drift practices.
Tsutomu Fujio, one of the Japanese drivers who came to Sydney Motorsport Park to compete in the Tectaloy Drift Challenge. Damn that car looks good with all the livery.
Dan Kenneally in his Skyvia (?)
With the drift practices finishing within an hour I arrived, I was a bit disappointed I missed out on the day. But of course, everyone needs their sleep for the upcoming big day.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go on Friday as I had work, so that left me with Saturday.
Fast forward to Saturday, it was time for WTAC (for me)! I arrived at Sydney Motorsport Park around midday, paid for my ticket & found parking. With all my camera gear hanging off my shoulders, I then made my way to where the drift cars had parked. And there I was greeted with...
Tsutomu's R34!
After having a look around the drifters pits, I then made my way to the main arena where all the time attack cars were. Nobuteru "Nob" Taniguchi taking pictures with the Nulon show girls.
He was also giving out autograph to his fans.
Nob Taniguchi was the pilot of this beast for the event as well as the Top Fuel S2000.
One of Nigel's toys.
Both of Nigel's toys!
What has been two years in the build is finally at a completion. I've been following the build ever since he started it & it was good to see it finished. He has done an excellent job on it I must say & to all the people that saw it in action on Thursday, I am quite jealous.
This 6 Rotor RX4 was drawing quite the crowd & after hearing it start up with a few squirts given, I can see why.
One of Mad Mike's mechanics making a few adjustments to the MADBUL.
Pulse Performance Race Engineering's RX4 having a cool down after it's Flying 500 run.
Leigh's 929 with a bit of old school kick. Not many people mod this type of car, but Leigh has executed it very well.
Another car that had caught my eye was this KE70. With a nice set of wheels & a nice drop, I think it looks perfect the way it is.
Dan's AE71, I look a picture of the "ugly" side, but that just gives it a bit of character.
Favourite cars throughout the show 'n' shine.
Wow. This little KE30 had a F20C transplant in it, I wonder how quick it'll run on a quarter mile tarmac.
This car looked nice, but the wheels ruin it for me unfortunately.
FKURSR! Even though my engine is an SR20, I've always been dreaming about an RB conversion, maybe one day.
This 180sx was previously owned by a mate of mine. New owner has put new wheels on it from what I can see.
Both of these cars were rocking some police lights which were pretty cool, they were both wired up & working also!
Not all cars that were on display were of a Japanese make. Some European also.
The Built to Order guys had a few cars on display, one of which was this 86 which I'm assuming is a collaboration with Queen Street Customs.
Re-Amemiya FD3S putting in some lap times.
Top Secret R33 currently owned by JLM Dyno/Japlink Motorsports.
With the sun up & blazing, we decided to take a breather & just relax a bit.
Not a bad view, chillin' track side.
Surely there was going to be a few mishaps throughout the day, one of which was this EVO 6 dropping oil on the track.
Last few laps being put in before the World Time Attack Challenge was coming to an end.
Nemo Racing with new livery this year. A shame it didn't get to run at it's best abilities.
Tarzan piloting the Espirt NSX.
And Under Suzuki in the Scorch Racing S15 coming 4th overall this year.

The Tilton EVO ended up taking the crown this year with a lap time of 1:24.8550. Can't wait to see what's in store for next year.
With WTAC coming to a close, it was almost time for the Tectaloy Drift Challenge to start. So while the WTAC awards were being handed out, my friends & I decided to walk to where the spectating area was to grab a good spot to sit.
But before doing so, we made a quick stop where the drifters were parked.
Daigo Saito's weapon of choice for the weekend, a Toyota Mark II.
Tsutomu Fujio's R34 which had an RB26 stroked to 2.8.
They were nice enough to hand out some stickers to my friends & I. BOLD WORLD X LINE UP RACING TEAM.
This is what sucks about not having media accreditation. I pretty much gave up after a few shots because too many people got in the way & it sucked having to get perfect timing for each photo just to avoid media being in it.
There was quite a few crashes this year which was unfortunate, both from the time attack & the drifting.

In the end Daigo Saito took first place going head to head with Mad Mike.

Another year gone, another WTAC finished, keen to see what they have in the bag next year. Until next time, cheerio.