Marulan Drift Day 26th June 2015

Guess who's back! Been on a long hiatus, but I think it's about time I start posting again. First proper event I've been to since DCA round one which was almost a year ago & since then I've been wanting to shoot again. A drift event popped up just recently at a track I haven't been before & that got me motivated. Driving Sports organised a drift day which was hosted at the Marulan Driver Training Centre (MDTC) & from what I have gathered is that drifters were banned from this track a couple of years back.

With the date all set & the event was a go ahead, sick days were called in (it was on a Friday) & then it was go time.
My cousins Tim, Jon & also friend Dave decided that we would trek it together to Marulan, but not before stopping for breakfast at a local Maccas. Not long after eating breakfast, we were on our way.
One hour into the trip, we decided to take a pit stop. Well I decided to, as the morning coffee & Maccas started to kick in... That gave me chance to sit in the passenger seat of my car & let my cousin drive to get these rolling shots.
With twenty minutes left of driving, we had reached our destination of MDTC. Seeing countless highway patrols on the road, I'm actually surprised none of us got dicked on the way there.
Arriving to our destination, forms were signed & from there the group made their way around the track. Getting a feel for what the track is like & looking at possible defects for what can go wrong & where.
 Not long after that was done, track activities started happening.
With more than half the day gone, infield shots were looking pretty slim...
...Which eventually happened.
Being my first time at this track, it was a bit hard to get the shots I wanted from where I was standing. Not much track time left didn't help with that also.

With my cousin's track time cut short, onto cameras it was.
Overall it was a great event. Worth the time off, worth the drive & worth the lack of sleep time. Here's to hoping for more drift days at MDTC & hopefully more infield shots next time!

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