JZXGG/JZX World Cruise 2nd August 2015

Having recent joined the JZX World forum, this was a good opportunity to meet new people, talk on a similar view with cars & also take some snaps along the way. Having some friends who are on the forum & owning these cars was also a plus.

Not too long ago, JZXGG & JZX World recently had a cruise to Robertson Pie Shop, about an hour & a half drive south from Sydney's south west. Going through the Royal National Park & Macquarie Pass which was both scenic & gave the drivers a bit of a spirited drive if they felt to do so.
A quarter of the pack waiting at the start of Nasho for the rest of the group to come.
Once the rest of the group came, it was go time! Dave at the start of the pack soaring through winding roads leading to Stanwell Tops.
After cruising through, the group stopped for a breather just after Coalcliff Bridge. Bardan's Verossa sitting pretty with Vo's JZX90 sneaking in the background.
After our pit stop, we set off for our final destination. Nelson's Fuel efficient Camry.
Happy chap Vo.
Driving towards Robertson Pie Shop with so many JZX's was a sight to see.
Not long after, we had arrived at our final destination, losing one casualty on the way & a few others bailing.
With the weather we had, sun rays shining, but a cool breeze gushing through, a hot pie was needed! I opted for the cheese & bacon pie followed by an apple pie not too long after.
I know what you're looking at... Colour coding shoes with... Haha. In all seriousness though, here's Vo snapping some shots of Duy's Chaser.
With a lot of time & effort from the drivers, we managed to get a group photo of those who attended. With 14 JZX drivers pictured here plus some who weren't at the final destination, there was easily 20 all up. Overall it was a pretty chill day with great people & an awesome atmosphere. Big thanks to Dave for being my chauffeur for the day, JZXGG/JZX World for organising the cruise & hope to see you guys at the next one!

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