JZXGG Anzac Skidpan Day 25th April 2016 Part 2

Around 12:30PM with track activities still ongoing, a few of the guys & I decided to take a little break to get some lunch.
I opted for the Peri-Peri chicken burger with a side of beer battered chips.
We weren't the only ones with a hungry stomach.
Once our bellies were happy & filled with food, it was back to track activities.
Confidence started to grow & more tandem runs were happening.
Joey, another person whom I met years ago through drifting events, who has also moved onto the Toyota platform. Maybe the light shines brighter on the other side... Eventually SVP, eventually.
Check your battery clamps kids!
Same same, but different.
Thank you Chris for the passenger rides! Also Dave & Matt!
Bonnets up, cool down underway.
 Not the case for others. Waiting line for more skids.
Battery clamp still not tight eh?
One car bites the dust. Matt's car was out of action after a couple of runs.
These three going at it majority of the time after the lunch break.
 "Make my car look good out there". All you my friend, all you.
This picture pretty much sums up what it's all about & how the day went. Just a bunch of mates hanging out & having a good time together.
With the sun setting, JZXGG Skidpan Day was coming to an end.
Not before one last group photo was taken. I'd just like to thank all the people involved to make this day happen for me to be there to capture. One of the better events I've been to in a very long time & from what I've heard, there are more to come! And again, thanks JZXGG for putting on an awesome event.
It didn't stop there though. With all the dirt & grime from the track, cars needed to be washed & just a quick stop to the car wash will do the trick before heading home.
When I said they got dirty, I mean dirty.
The end. Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice pics. Thanks for writing this up and sharing.