JZXGG Anzac Skidpan Day 25th April 2016 Part 1

As you can tell, I've been very slack on updating this blog. Going on many hiatuses, but I am back now. First & foremost, JZXGG - who are these guys? From what I have gathered so far, a sub-group from the JZX World forum mainly consisting of Sydney-siders that share the same passion for the X chassis. Having only met these fellas from the previous cruise to Robertson Pie Shop, they invited me to a skidpan day which was held at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Before we get into the actual event day though, majority of the time there's a "prep" day. I had tagged along with Dave to take a visit to the JZXGG HQ where some of the guys were in preparation for the skidpan event the next day.
While some of the guys had the simple task of cleaning...
 Others were faced with a bit more complexity & tinkering.
No matter the job, with a few hands & brains joined together, it gets done.
Duy - You're good to go mate, get out of there. (he didn't actually say that)
With the sun making it's way down the horizon line, everyone was almost finished with the task they were set out to accomplish.
End of GG sesh.
Early start for some of the JZXGG guys. Track preparation underway.
Drivers sign on.
If you have an interest in the X chassis, this was an event Sydney-siders wouldn't want to miss.
7-11's freshly ground coffee for a wake up call.
8:00AM - Driver's briefing. 
9:00AM - Driving commences. Suit up boys.
Or smoko break in Hung's case.
JZXGG Skidpan Day off to a flying start. I haven't actually done any panning for about 10 months, so at this point, I was a bit rusty.
"No drifting around stationary vehicle" 
4 JZX100 Mark II's (Dave's car not pictured) together in one place, not an often sight you'd see.
The "you can't sit with us" group.
Cam on the cam while I cam, camception. Bland.
Duy chasin' waterfalls.
Bonnets up early within the event.
The last time I had actually seen Wernz was in 2013, when he still owned the 180sx. Three years on, driving a JZX100 Mark II going to a similar event I first met him at.
White, whites everywhere. As far as the eye can see tbh.
The day wasn't filled with just the X chassis. There were a few exception for the day.
Green flag indicating start of session, yellow flag indicating to take caution due to a spinout etc, black flag means you get off the track due to being a douche or not following the rules & red flag means end of session.
Lindana on flag & timer duties.
Noob with those 1JZ on spots.
"Off the track mate, time for the next group."

Part 2 here.

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