Scott's C110 16th April 2017

Before I go ahead & post some photographs, here's a little back story to go with them. In the year 2009, I attended a Skyline Show 'n' Shine held at Fairfield Showground. With the event coming to an end, while I was walking back to the car, something caught my eye & left me in my tracks. The styling of the car was just something out of that time & had never been so well executed in Australia. A lot of people back then really discouraged how this car was styled saying that it was very dangerous, it shouldn't be driven on the street etc.
Yes the photo is horrible, but you have to start somewhere right?

Ladies & gentlemen, this is Fonzy's car in 2009. Now just imagine, as a little 16 year old boy & just seeing this car, massive (or very wide should be the word) wheels with a fairly big amount of stretch, with the huge bolt on flares & also that blacked out racing jacket, looks very menacing right?! Although his car was a Toyota, I thought to myself "this should be IN the event, not outside in the car park". After meeting him a couple of times at forum meets, we have became friends.

Now fast forward to 2011:
My photos were getting a tad better.

Fonz had asked me if I wanted to go with him to meet some friends that were coming down from Queensland. I kindly accepted his offer & drove down to the local car wash to meet with him & his mates. John & Dan had driven down from Queensland to a attend a meet that was held in Sydney. And again, these cars just kept me staring, I had to find out more information. From further discussions, I had acquired information that they were from the Auszoku car club. I had then signed up to the forum to see what it was all about. 

"AUSZOKU: LOW DOWN STYLE CAR CLUB - SINCE 2007". As you can see, their logo is already stating something, something that catches my attention. As I was a bit late into joining up with the forum, it didn't take me THAT long to get to know who all the locals are. Going through member's build threads was pretty exhilarating because there wasn't many cars in Australia with these types of styling. Auszoku also played a big part on how my car is at the moment, but more of that in another post.

Ok, now we're going to fast forward again to 2017. I had caught wind that Scott was going to be in Sydney with his C110 for a Datsun meet. He was also down in Sydney the previous year, although I wasn't able to meet with him at that time. So this was a chance I could not discard no matter how busy I was. I have been following the build since the start & to see the finished product in person was just mind blowing sight. All the time, effort & money invested into this car really speaks for itself. And without further a do: Scott's C110.

This was a very impromptu shoot, I had arrived a bit late towards the day. That means running out of sun light & also rushing to get the shoot done (missed out many more shots I should have taken). It was great to meet you in person Scott, now I can put a face towards that username. Seeing the Skyline was a plus. Hope to either make the trek up to Queensland or see you down in Sydney again, whichever comes first really.

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