Cursed Sundays: Bring the Bash Round 1 24th April 2017

Cursed Sundays is a Wollongong based club that like to do stuff & drift. Having known one of the members ever since I first started taking photographs at drift days, this particular event was one I did not want to miss. New South Wales & drifting don't really go all that well together. There was a period of time where drifting was outlawed by two main event venues in NSW, but they have now slowly began to welcome the motor sport back. The Cursed Sundays boys had found a track local to them that allowed drifting events to happen, which is a plus for everyone in the drifting community in NSW!

A few messages were exchanged with Chev via Instagram & I had the go ahead to attend the Cursed Sundays: Bring the Bash Round 1. The event was held at Awesome Drive Go Karting Centre located at Lot 2 9-11 West Dapto Road, Kembla Grange, NSW 2526. I have always loved driving down south, so it was quite an enjoyable drive on the way to the track. Having arrived there at 11:30AM, I was greeted with drift cars, many of them. It's been two years since I've been to a drift event that was held on a dry track & I was honestly ecstatic to be there. After the driver's briefing around 12:00PM, engines all warmed up, the ball was rolling & track activities had started.






Sorry about the small thumb-nailed pictures, I had to make it all fit in one post.

Big ups to the Cursed Sundays Drift Club for organising the event, you guys did a flawless job of it. Good to see the drifting community working so well with one another. It was also good to see some old faces again, but not only that, to also meet some new ones too! Cheers for the passenger rides Joey, Brook, Chev & Shane! Hope to see you guys at Round 2!

1024x683px resolution of the photo set can be found here.

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