Revolution Motorsports: Rev Sessions 16th April 2018

It has been about 4 years since I've done some shooting of drifting at Wakefield Park Raceway, the last one being the Hit and Run Glory Days. Great to be back at this place shooting something more ideal to my style - sorry fellow circuit goers.

Revolution Motorsports - A close knit group of friends enjoying the automotive lifestyle revolved around drifting since 2009. Having spent some time in Japan solely for drifting at Ebisu, they wanted to try and bring back that relaxed and easy-going culture within the motorsport to Australia. With Wakefield Park Raceway cancelling drifting at their venue, that goal all seemed out of reach with management having their hands tied behind their backs. After many attempts at reasoning and persuading, management agreed to have a meeting. A successful attempt at that and they had the go ahead to book dates for drift practice days, with added rules and regulations. Two years of not having a drift event here, added rules and regs is better than no drifting at all right? This leads us to the current day, a drift practice session which I had attended.

Drivers/media briefing was set to start at 8:45AM. Wakefield being about two hours away from me, meant I should leave by 6:30AM. I had tried to get a good sleep the night before, but that didn't work out well, 12:00AM sleep and a 3:30AM wake up. Fueled by energy drinks, cigarettes and music playing, I had made my way to Wakefield arriving by 8:00AM, taking multiple pit stops and detours in-between. The weather wasn't looking too happy, so fingers were crossed it didn't rain.

As I had arrived, the car ports were already half full. People unloading and setting up ready to hit the track.
 Calm before the storm. Track maintenance before ripping skids.

Drivers/media briefing not too long after.
Stephen had taken me around the track and explained where and where not to shoot, also where the best vantage points are. Cheers mate!
Not too long after, cars were lined up and turn one was ready to see some tyre marks with spectators on watch.
Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your kids. Spectators free of charge, how it should always be.
Track activities were well and truly underway by this point of the morning.

The more I go to these events, the more I feel obliged to shoot these types of photos rather than the action. Beau Yates and his family had stopped by Wakefield on their way back from Winton Motor Raceway for the 86 festival.
Other media personnel had attended. Not too sure who they are, but I'm sure they have a Facebook/Instagram page somewhere.

There had been a slight delay in track activities around this point in time. Someone had went off-course and needed to be towed out.
Exhibit A.
Track activity resumed not too long after that mishap.
Fixed and ready to jump back out.
Passengers are free to ride along side the drivers, so long as the intended car has a half cage mounted.
Just enjoying the view, noise and scent of tyres screeching through the asphalt running around the track.

By 10:30AM, the day was already well underway and I had yet to go infield for some photos. I chose to stay within the car pits and track-side until the majority of other media personnel had left the infield. Reason being, who wants to see all the same shots from different media outlets right? Also having a lot of people there gives me much less room to move around if needed. I had missed quite a few cars going in this late, but I knew that was going to be the case anyhow. Spoiler alert; multiple "action" shots incoming.
Maniac behind the wheel with more balls than one can fathom. Crazy entry speeds and insane angles, you were a pleasure to watch Jye "Nah".
Trains were also awesome to watch.
By this point, it was already mid-day. There was a little break for everyone to refuel their energy with whatever they chose to do so with. I had not eaten anything until this point, early wake up with minor sleep doesn't mix well with an empty stomach. My energy had started to deplete at a rapid rate. I went to the local cafe within the premises to refuel. After gaining some much needed energy, I was back to what I was here intended to do.
"What is this wizardry?" Stephen's 180sx had unfortunately broken a knuckle 4 laps in. I was looking forward to passenger runs in this. Maybe next time!
Fun fact; this was actually Stephen's previous car I had taken a photo of in 2013. Many of you guys may have seen photos of this car surface around the internet, the stage after this one. Little did I know, I'd meet the owner 5 years later.
Like Beau Yates, Joey had made the stop over coming back from Winton for the 86 festival, with another fellow 86 driver in tow to watch the action.
After the lunch break, there was a change in track layout. I had not gone back infield after the break due to trying and preserving my energy; poor effort on my part, but safety matters.
That didn't stop me from taking photos though, I just chose a different vantage point.
"Two people?"
Drifting, bring all the spares you can in case something breaks, bends or fails. Unfortunately some things aren't easily replaceable on the day. But that's ok though, fibreglass is easily repairable if you have the patience.
I had to call it quits after this. Almost at my limit from this point on and saved just enough energy for the 2 hour drive home. I had intended to stay until the end, but unfortunately I just didn't have enough energy to.

Big ups to the Rev Team and every other individual involved - drivers included; for a well organised drift practice day. You guys have not only just brought back drifting to Wakefield, but have also re-lit the spark for me to shoot some motorsports again. Last but not least, many people were brought together in this one place having a common interest. Reconnecting with old friends and also making new ones which is what it's all about!

I had packed up my gear just before 3:00PM and made the trek home.
Making some much needed pit stops a long the way. Remember guys, stop, revive, survive; sponsored by the NSW Government and Canberra.
I'm also glad this convoy had caught up to me, leaving well after I had. Many thanks for setting the pace and getting me home before the estimated time of arrival.

And again, thank you Rev team, there hasn't been a post on this blog of this magnitude for a while. Looking forward to the next one, which I believe will be on a Sunday. Win win for everyone!

1280px can be found here.

SVP signing out.


  1. These shots are unreal. I need to get down to one of these events. What setup were you shooting with on the day. Some of the panning action shots are so sharp!

    1. Yeah dude, it's good practice for panning. I used two cameras on the day, a 5DIII w/ 50mm 1.4 and a 7D w/ 70-200 2.8/24-70 2.8.

  2. i just wanna ask where you buy that hello kitty tsurikawa?