SILVIA: Interior Dress Up, Hello Kitty Edition

Continuing on with the interior tune, I had a seat but no usable rails to go with. I spoke to some mates to see what they'd recommend.
Eventually I decided on some Bride FG type rails. They are the side mount type, which is what this seat needs. They also give that race car type feel due to having to pull both tabs up to recline back and forth. In the packaging there are of course, both rails, four mounts to join the seat to the rails and hardware for the seat belt buckle.
In the list of parts Dan had for sale, there was an old logo Bride head cushion and of course I bought that from him too. The seat now looks complete, unless Bride made some old logo tuning pads. I've never seen any pop up for sale though.
Any S13 owner would understand there is no where to place your drinks. It'll either be the passenger holding it for you or in your ash tray compartment. I decided to rectify this problem by purchasing some Hello Kitty cup holders. Along side that, a tsurikawa - otherwise known as a hang ring.
I had to, of course get a Hello Kitty horn button too.
Removal of the standard seat consist unbolting four 14mm bolts, two front and two rear. To mount the Bride onto the rails, you'd need to bolt down the mounts that hold the seat onto the rails with the hardware provided. After that, you can go ahead and bolt the seat to the mounts. When that is finished, you then bolt the rails into the chassis and be careful not to thread any holes.
The Hello Kitty cup holders have two clips at the back that go straight into the air vents. Nice and easy.
Hang rings - hung from Japanese trains for commuters to hold onto. Sometimes stolen and hung from the tow hook of cars to show rebellion against the Japanese government and authorities. They could also show how low a car is. Not me though, it's just easier to grab onto that instead of reaching up - passenger comfort, think about the children.
Hello Kitty horn in. I had to take the steering wheel off to install a spacer that came with the horn.
Everything in. I also installed the radio brackets, no more hanging headunit.
With Aytac's recently purchased EP82 Starlet, it was the perfect time to take the car on a spirited drive up north.
If you don't enjoy spirited drives whenever possible, you've bought the wrong car.
Results with the seat in, comfort level has dropped dramatically, but they hold you so much better than standard seats. Whether it'll be for drifting or circuit, the result will be much better than having a standard seat. Luckily for me, I have a small build, meaning getting in and out isn't too bad. Would recommend having a quick release for the steering wheel if you have a larger build.
Last buy not least, I acquired a pair of optional rear pods from an old friend. They are painted in KH3 black and one of the pods also has a crack in it. It's an easy repair, so once that's done, it'll be repainted in KG4. Now to find the last piece of the puzzle... The worst of them all.

Big thanks to Jesse Streeter at Streeter Corp. for giving me a gateway into the Japanese market place. For all your automotive needs, or anything you need from Japan, this is the person to contact. Easy to deal with, quick replies and the cheapest option to go through compared to other importers.

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