Life of a Nissan

It's quite funny how a lot of people say that Nissans break a lot & most of the time I find that true.

At a recent drift day, Dave was only just starting to get the hang of the big track in his R32 when I didn't end up seeing him again.
 It was about 3:30PM when I headed back to the pits & didn't spot him, that's when I thought something had gone wrong. At the end of the day, drifting is drifting, shit happens, you fix it & learn from it. I contacted him the next day & asked what had gone wrong with his car & he replied, it just wouldn't start.

So that Sunday Aytac & I headed over to Dave's house to try & figure out what was wrong with the car. We tried to clutch start the car, but it just wouldn't crank. So upon doing that, we jacked up the car & then removed the starter motor.

Another week went by & within that week, Aytac made the trip to Skyline Spares & picked up an R33 starter motor for Dave.
Got them gloves on for protection & ready to work on the car.
And the bonnet was up again ready to get into it.
The usual Aytac with his cigarette & Redbull.
Dave getting into it, putting the R33 starter motor in.
Aytac doing someone with one of the washers.
THE NISSAN LIFE! Up on jack stands, bonnet up, you know what it is.
Almost done!
So, starter motor was in & the car still wasn't starting, shit go. So it's back to square one & trying to figure out the problem.

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