SVP + SILVIA: The Beginnings

After creating this blog, I've never really had the chance to properly introduce myself. The sole purpose for me creating/posting here was to show content of the events that I had taken photos at & somewhat for improving my writing skills. With drift events slowing down drastically in NSW the nanny state, I haven't really had the chance to go out & shoot much, hence lack of content which has been a real big shame.

Anyway, let me introduce myself. Everyone knows me by the name of SVP - occasional photo taker & I drive a Silvia. I've always had an interest in automobiles from a young age. When magazines were still around, I would flick through copies of Autosalon and High Performance Imports and having somewhat an artistic background through scribbling with graphite pencils, I took an interest in Photography later down the track. Put two & two together & we end up with a blog.

And this is how the story starts with the Silvia, I was looking at getting a Nissan Silvia S13 because my brother played a big role in why I had chosen this car as a base. From all the modeling & pixel cars he had done of it, I knew I just had to have one since 2010. Searching for two years, which was then 2012, one had finally popped up. Original plan was to get any S13 that was two toned besides Champagne, had to be clean to an extent, standard, manual, no sunroof & non-turbo due to only being on my provisionals at the time.

A friend's brother purchased a Silvia from Perth & brought it to Sydney. Put it up for sale & I had purchased it since it fit my criteria almost to the tee.

While searching for a Silvia, I had a rough idea of how I wanted to modify it, original plan was to go 17's or 18's on optional aero.
Inspiration 3D modeled by Kevin.

But as time went by seeing more & more photos of other styles, I then wanted to go with a different approach.
After seeing this S13, I told myself I wanted to do something along the lines of that.
 Photo taken by Daniel Bride from a Drift Works post

Then after seeing John's S13 that was located in Japan, my mind was set. 15's, flares & somewhat factory aero.
First drive through the Royal National Park south of Sydney. It was then decided, that was going to be THE car. Registration transferred over & I took ownership of it.

Without further adieu, meet Silvia.
Bone stock in all it's glory besides the blacked out indicator light, due to compliance when it was brought over & an aftermarket headunit. SR20DE, manual, champagne two tone. Although the champagne two tone was my last option, there weren't many S13s that were this clean at the time of my search.

Make/Model: 1992 Nissan Silvia PS13
Engine: SR20DE
Interior: Clarion Headunit, Pioneer speakers all round (6" fronts, 6"x9" rears)
Exterior: Optional Side Skirts
Suspension: Standard
Plans: Build a tidy period correct street car that I can take to the track with quality parts.

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