SILVIA: Hold Me Forever

First plan of attack for the Silvia was to make the driving experience a little bit more exciting than standard. The previous car that I was driving at that time was an AE94 Corolla my parents had handed down to me. I had bought a Nardi 350mm deep corn and a 150mm gradient bubble shift knob for it, which later the Silvia inherited. The first thing I bought for the Silvia was a boss kit for the Nardi to fit. I opted for the NRG short hub due to how small it was, but later sold that off as the Nardi didn't bolt straight onto it. I didn't do much research into it, although I do think a Momo wheel may have fit due to it having a different bolt pattern to the Nardi.
I ended up buying a HKB boss kit after selling off the NRG short hub.
The boss kit sits about 150mm from the steering column.
Nardi Deep Corn mounted on, which was also accompanied by the shift knob my friend brought back for me from Japan. Both hand me downs from the AE94.
After installation of the boss kit/steering wheel and the shift knob, there was a noticeable difference. The gear change throw was much longer which I kind of went backwards on, as people would want a shorter throw and the steering was noticeably heavier. The throw of the gear changes didn't bother me all that much as it was what I was used to in the AE94. And with the Nardi being 10mm smaller than standard, it made the steering much heavier, which translates to more road feel and having the feeling of losing some power steering, much more feedback, which is what I wanted. Driving position took a while to get used to being a young, short Asian boy, my legs aren't long which meant sitting closer to the steering wheel and it doesn't help that the Nardi is a deep corn too. Further down the track, I do plan on changing the steering wheel to a Nardi 360mm classic.
I also got given some S13 optional floor mats from someone that owns a Honda and has never had an S13. Not too sure why he had them, but they're in my hands now. Thanks S.Le!

Trawling through Gumtree, I came across something that had caught my eye. Someone was selling a Bride Zeta I. Here I was thinking in the long run, it'll be good to buy for when I'm ready to hit the track.

Above images were the original sale photos.

This particular seat was different to all the others. Majority of these seats had an FRP shell whereas this particular one was Carbon Kevlar. I did some research into it, to try and figure out if this was genuine or not, as it was very uncommon to come by, especially being in AUS. Upon further research, it all seemed to check out. Messages were exchanged, price was agreed on and not too longer after, funds were transferred.
The seat was shipped from interstate, I can't remember which one, but I think it may have been Brissy and it was then in my possession, kind of. Funnily enough, I was overseas at the time of purchasing it, so it was sent to my cousin's residents until I got back to AUS. I now own a carbon kevlar Bride Zeta I. Unfortunately the rails were for the passenger's side modified to suit the driver's side. They didn't glide back or forth rendering them useless to me.

The next thing on the list to do was to find some radio brackets as the headunit and facia DIN were just sitting there, as you can see that in some of the previous photos. At that time, they were very hard to source and if I did find one, people were charging way to much for what they were.

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