SILVIA: Visionary's Dream

Having a brother that's artistically gifted, I did learn a thing or two from him. One of those, being able to use Adobe Photoshop on a basic level. I had already taken shots of the Silvia, so all I needed to do was choose a good base photo to work some Photoshop magic onto.
 Kevin appreciation photos: He did a lot of pixel car tuning on MS Paint and Photoshop before transitioning into 3D modelling at the age of 15. All wire work done by the kid himself and rendered by Denis Can I believe.

Aesthetically, I already had envisioned how I wanted the car to look. Avoiding what was the norm back then, 17 or 18" wheels, J's headlights or "bricks" as many people would know them by, GTR style grille, optional 180sx or "CA lip" and low. I already made up my mind even before acquiring the car. As stated in The Beginnings, it was decided that the Silvia will have 15" wheels on factory aero. Let's just say I'm trying to replicate the style that came out of 90's, which was rarely done much back then and even if it was, very few were executed tastefully but at the same time trying to make it my own flavour. If I could have a reference photo to what I wanted to achieve, it'll then be easier for me to reach that goal without steering off into different directions.
First chop was just a "simple" lowering with some Speed Star Racing Longchamp XR4s.
Second chop was more appealing. Subtle lowering on the same wheels with meaty tyres - it was all about stretched low profile tyres then, but with the additional optional aero all round plus a B-Wave wing. Note that the front spoiler or front lip is the one optional to the S13 and not 180sx. So spoiler alert, calling the the 180sx "CA lip" and the S13 "SR lip" is the wrong terminology, due to either front spoilers only being an OEM to that model. Sure they would fit fine on either models, but just no in my opinion /end rant.

With a clear path of what I wanted to achieve aesthetically, it was time to do some wheel searching.

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