Driving Sports Day of Drift 7th July 2012 Part 1

Another fun packed drift day at Eastern Creek Raceway hosted by Driving Sports. So if you've been following this blog, you'd know that I dislike taking pictures at Eastern Creek during the night, reason why is the lighting is just horrible. So I'm a sucker for these day events, because that means I'm able to get some shots on turn 11 & 12 (you aren't allowed out there during the night events).

I've been wanting to get out onto the big track for a while now since the last time I was out there, which was at the end of last year. So, the day before the event there was overcast & it had light rain on some parts of the day which was a bad sign. I told myself if it was going to rain on the day of the event I would not go & it wasn't looking too promising.

So the next day, I woke up & went straight to the window to check how the sky was. And again, there was overcast, but it wasn't raining/sprinkling. I got ready, headed to pick my cousin up & we were then off to Eastern Creek Raceway. Upon arrival we had our names signed off & headed inside to where all the action was.

We parked our car, grab all our gear & started to walk inside the venue. When we got there we had a quick look around where all the skidpan/peanut cars were lining up & headed straight to the pits area.
And this is when I spotted Jack checking the tire pressure of his 180sx.
 Some of the guys lining up to head out onto the big track, I bet you they were eager to get out there.
Dave, a friend of mine & the owner of this R32. It was his first time on the big track that day with his new turbo setup.
Tyler talking to one of his friends while standing infront of his KE70. My ninja snapping seemed to fail this time as she spotted me taking a photo.
An AE71 that just finished up a session of the big track.
I spotted a gearbox in one of the garages. Not sure if it was broken or a spare, but if it was a spare, he sure did come prepared, I also like his gearknob.
As my cousin & I had a quick flick through the pits & garages, we headed to corner 4 where we were right infront of the action. Biggie's 180sx rocking his new "paintjob", apparently he ran out of paint so he could finish the car off.
This relatively stock S13 was getting some pretty good angles during the day.
Ryan's JZX90 sounded pretty metal. I was hoping to see more of his car, but I only saw him out for about two sessions or so throughout the time I was there.
Reverse entry? Nah, he spun out.
We had two Strawberry faced RPS13's that day. Both of them were drifting really well.
Rip the hand break cuz!
And of course Wernz followed shortly after Jack, Hit and Run sticking together.
I wish I was sitting as a passenger in one of the cars, it looks like so much fun!
It took me by surprise when I saw Beau Yates drifting on the track. I guess he's just practicing for the Tectaloy Drift Challenge which is only a month away!
Another AE71 out on the big track. Good to see other car manufacturers out there besides Nissans.
That's something you don't see everyday, an R32 ute, that's drifting!
This particular FD3S was owned by what I believe to be one of the organisers of Driving Sports, although I'm not 100% sure. But whoever owns this car, the person sure drifts awesome!
 This R32 sounded amazing, he was hitting limiter most of the time I was at that corner, it was awesome!
Dave getting use to the big track before he goes all out since it's his first time.
Nissans are taking over!
 I could be wrong, but looks like James “Jabbit” Abbott's S15 from the Blaze Unit Drift Team got a little make-over.
And again, the drifting was put on break so the marshalls can fix the cones.
Hit and Run Drift Club.
Ending the Part 1 with this. Click here for Part 2!

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