Driving Sports Day of Drift 7th July 2012 Part 2

So continuing on, we then made our way up to turn 12 slowly, stopping to take pictures at turn 10 & 11.
And once again the drifting was delayed so we decided to take some happy snaps. This is my cousin who came to the event with me, visit his tumblr for some more shots on the big track.
This particular RPS13 was making some serious smoke. It was pretty sick how he was doing some zig-zag drifts in between turn 9 & 10, the smoke display was just awesome.
Blaze Unit Drift Team & W3 Slide
This Skyline DR30 looked pretty sick on the track.
Drifts were delayed once again! Kory & his mate probably got sick of waiting or they must've gotten enough shots.
I've seen this car before, but he was drifting on the peanut at the previous event. Good to see him give it a go on the big track.
Take a closer look at this photo... Do you see it? LOL, check out the passenger's hand gesture, it cracked me up when I saw that.
Dave was getting better & better from what I saw. Hoping that he will have a cage in by the next drift event so I can sit in passenger, would be SICK MOITE!
There were so many people getting good angles on the day, awesome for photos I tells you.
You see what I mean?
And of course, the marshalls doing their jobs. If we didn't have them around, everyone would be crashing into each other.
"Burn rubber, not your soul"
Wernz kicking it sideways.
This R32 looked so simple, yet so awesome. He had some pretty sick skids going aswell.
Driving Sports R32 drift car, Driving Sports FD3S drift car & a Driving Sports FC3S chase car.
Tyler the lone wolf.
And then drifting, nekminit...
Poor guy, sad to see these things happen, but that's drifting for you. You put yourself at risk & things do happen. From what I've been told, the damage has been fixed & it's all good now. See you at the next track day dude!
 Having a smoko break since the drifting stopped for abit.
Cameron Mote having the time of his life! I would be too if I was in his position.
I'd hate to be behind this guy, gravel in yo face!
Boats can drift too. He was getting pretty good angles at turn 4.
Coloured smoke, pretty awesome! I like seeing these kind of stuff at drift events, it's something different.
Doing what I do best, does you knows?
Biggie drifting in between turn 9 & 10, nekminit...
 Another car that loves the wall. Lucky he's going widebody, he'll be back before we know it.
Checking if they're okay. This was probably the last shot on the big track that was grabbed before my cousin & I headed back to the pits.
A Strawberry faced S13 awaiting to jump on the big track.
Also this IS200 with the passenger getting ready. Upon closer inspection...
It was a female that was driving it! So awesome seeing girls getting into the sport because it isn't just an all boys sport.
Jacked It mate!

So after I finished snapping this picture, my cousin & I headed to where the skidpan/peanut cars were lining up. And the worst thing happened, my battery decided to crap itself, which meant I wasn't able to get pictures on the skidpan or peanut. Sorry guys!

So that about wraps up my coverage of the event, leave a comment, post them of Facebook, do as you wish with the photos, just be sure to link it back to my blog. So keen to get out to the next day event, love 'em. See you guys next time! Cheerio.

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